Brunello di Montalcino 2017

The Brunello di Montalcino, DOCG since 1980, is produced in Tuscany about 40 km south of Siena, in the area of Montalcino. The wine takes its name from this Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Sangiovese 100%

Vintage 2017

It is precisely in vintages that can be considered ‘challenging’ like 2017, undoubtedly dry, that we can measure the maturity to which it has landed, in Montalcino, the management of the vineyard and the production of Brunello. The management of the soil and the ‘green’ of the plants, of great accuracy, a decisive action of selection of grapes on the sorting table, followed by a processing, in the cellar, which took into account the raw material safeguarding it, has allowed the production of wines that have in their crispness and stylistic sharpness their main characteristics, not suffering in any way of tannic excesses and embellished by a pleasing olfactory finesse, played especially on small red fruits.

Tasting period

October 2021

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