Luca Gardini awarded at the 2020 Food and Travel Italia Awards

San Barbato Resort Spa & Golf, Lavello (Potenza), 2 October 2020. The third Italian edition of the Reader Awards Food and Travel Italia, a leading international magazine in the food and beverage, of gourmet travel and high profile tourism.

The awards assigned ranged in all areas of Catering, Hospitality, Italian Entrepreneurship and Tourism. In addition to the Restaurant of the Year – with the Classic, In the City and Emerging subcategories – and the Hotel of the Year, with the Subcategories In the City, Outside the City, Agritourism, Resort, Spa, the Awards of Food and Travel Italia have awarded the professionals who distinguished themselves in 2020: Maître, Sommelier, Cocktail Bar, Oenologist, Cellar, Chef, Master Ice Cream Maker, Pizzaiolo, and many others. In addition, the products and companies / organizations of excellence in the categories of wine, spirits, raw materials, schools, airlines, cruise lines and destinations of the year were highlighted.

Among the special prizes awarded, that of Communicator of Wine 2020 saw Luca Gardini as the winner with the following motivation: “Tightrope walker of taste-olfactory analysis, born communicator, histrionist, has invented a new way of being a sommelier, giving wine a ‘unprecedented allure, a playful nuance: that of a product that “pleases people who like it”, but also of a resource with which to conquer the world, not just wine “.

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Luca Gardini awarded at the 2020 Food and Travel Italia Awards

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